Available plateaus



Baseball Lanes

Three baseball lanes that have an automatic pitching machine in each. Two of those lanes also have a manual feeding softball machine. Balls are provided

Golf simulator

Two golf simulators with the program E6 that has any golf course you desire

Group Training

Group classes of 'Warrior Bootcamp' style with a Certified Personal Trainer that will help bring you to the next level

Open gym

Gym area that has all the equipment you need from free weights, to box jumps, medecin balls and more

Rapid Shot/Rapid Hands

Thirty-minute reservations on a Rapid Shot lane to help practice the accuracy and the speed of your shots

Synthetic Ice Surface

Synthetic ice with multiple nets to practice shots accompanied by other obstacles to practice stick handling.

Synthetic grass field

Free space on synthetic grass to practice whatever sport you want

The Blade

Hour long sessions on a treadmill with a coach to help improve specific points to better your skating